South City Kitchen

We spent our last evening in Atlanta by going back to the symphony (research purposes) after a dinner at South City Kitchen. This is only a short post about our dinner there, which was too good to leave off the blog.

Yes, that mac n' cheese was cooked separately in that tiny cast iron pan. Mmmmm.

Pretty much everything about this place was awesome. I called and got reservations about 10 minutes before we got there, and even though they were really busy, the service was great.

John and I both loved what we ordered: jambalaya and the vegetable plate, respectively.

When I saw that the "vegetable" plate had mac n' cheese on it, I was skeptical. But it actually had a lot of good veggies, each prepared slightly differently from each other. Grilled asparagus, steamed green beans, roasted veggies in succotash, and fried okra (it's the South after all).

Can we please go back to Atlanta?

Back to sporadic blogging, since we go to Springfield tomorrow morning.

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  1. I do so love that you blogged about your dinner.

    That jambalaya looks miraculous.