Madge at 90

John and I went with Madge to the grocery store and a nice old lady offered John her grocery scooter.

Never one to miss an opportunity, John road the scooter into the store.

Here's the birthday cake we had at the luncheon for Madge's 90th birthday.

Family photos (really, click that link).

Me, Grandma, Halley.

Klickna ladies.

And of course, no visit to Springfield would be complete without a visit to Peases Candy.

Mmmm chocolate Lincoln face. Delicious.

I'm glad that Halley's new found vegan diet didn't stop her from taking a trip to Peases.

Springfield was one of the last legs of the trip. Now we're back in Fort Wayne for the rest of the week. This weekend I'm traveling to Baltimore for a friend's wedding, and that will the grand conclusion of Road Tripstravaganza Oh-Ten.


  1. Love the new look!

    I wish I had a feisty, older gal in my life named Madge.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, my grandma's pretty great. I didn't really post some of the goofy things she says, though. For instance, she likes lemon zest, but lemons are "so expensive!"

    Also, she doesn't like to bother washing the dishes very often because it's not worth moving the hot water across the house to the kitchen sink (as in, through the pipes).

    She really likes the fish sandwich from Rally's, they make it just the way she likes it, but it's too far (probably a mile from her house).