Downtown in the ATL

For the last few days of our time in Atlanta John and I stayed in the Artmore Hotel, a beautiful old building in midtown Atlanta. We're within walking distance to all kinds of stuff, including the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, where John is doing his fieldwork.

Since this is the nicest hotel John and I have ever stayed in that our parents haven't payed for, I'm going to show you some pictures, Pioneer Woman style.

We got a really good deal on Expedia, and it basically makes us want to try to get deals like this more often.

This hotel is within a 10 minute walk of a DSW. Just sayin.'

There's a gorgeous fountain and seating area outside, presumably where you can enjoy your drink from the bar inside.

After posing by the fountain,

we headed to dinner and then to the Symphony for a concert with eighth blackbird. This concert is the reason that John has been observing rehearsals, etc, all week.

We ate at The Tamarind Seed, a great Thai place near the Woodruff Arts Center, where the concert took place.

Sarah's family came to the concert that night, too.

After the concert we headed out to a bar somewhere around Emory (I think).

We played a few really terrible rounds of darts before calling it a night. I wish Sarah could come hang out with us more this weekend, but I'm so glad we got to spend the better part of the week with her.


  1. I love that outdoor patio area.

    And I'm glad Jon managed to dig deep and let loose in front of the fountain.

  2. That hotel DOES look nice. So pretty.

  3. Yeah, I'm glad we found it. I also wish I had a picture of that fountain from the evening because the center of it is actually a fire pit! It looked really badass.