The Schaps

John's mom and step-dad live in Memphis.

We spent Tuesday evening with them and his sister, Morgan, and had a fantastic sushi dinner to celebrate his birthday.

After the sushi we came back to the house and I took a zillion pictures of their flower gardens.

The sun was going down and the light made everything even prettier.

It's such a pretty house. I've only ever been there for the holidays, and I've never seen any of it in bloom. But wow, it really blooms.

It's a pretty photogenic house.
John's mom gave me my birthday present (two months early, the way I like it).

That's a really flexible necklace. You can bend it every which way. For instance:

Also, shoe soap. Discuss.

Next stop: Springfield, IL. I think I'm going to get John to go see the Lincoln sites with me. It's sort of a Shupe/Klickna rite of passage.

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  1. I must admit, I don't equate that kind of beauty with Memphis. I think of Memphis as being a real bad ass town with good food and excellent music... but pretty?

    First time for everything, I suppose.