Three of my Klickna-cousins had exciting news in the past week or so.

First, my cousin Jason is engaged. His dad, Uncle John, has been sick with cancer for a long time, and his fiance entered a contest to win a free wedding where she wrote an essay about how hard Jason works to take care of his dad.

And she won! A huge, beautiful wedding. I hope they pick somewhere exotic.

That's Jason on the right, and his sister Jessica on the left, and here with her dog.

Jess's news this week was that she passed the bar exam! YAY!

Here's my mom and her sister, Becky.

This photo was from the pie-tasting contest we used to have at Thanksgiving, where they would blind fold me and my cousins and make us try to guess which pies they made. I think my mom got it from Letterman.

Here's Becky with my cousin Halley, who also went to IU.

Last night, Halley and her boyfriend Josh got engaged!

Congrats, Halley and Josh!

They're getting married in 2 years, their 10th anniversary. My brother didn't get married until he and Nora had been dating 10 years, either. I'm hoping everyone will just accept this as a pattern, as it buys me some time.

And thanks, cousins, for not minding when I snag pictures from your facebook profiles without asking.

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