Blue Jean Cupcakes

Enough with the non-food related posts. Onward to the cupcakes!

Is that some blue batter, or is that some blue batter?

I LOVE red velvet cake, so I was excited to try this recipe from Martha Stewart's Cupcake book that I got for Christmas. Normally I'm not someone who is into all things Martha, but I borrowed this book from the Bloomington Library over the summer and was really impressed by it.

As expected, Martha is very thorough in explaining how to make a zillion types of decorations and how to use 50 kinds of piping tips. The recipes in here seem pretty well tested, too. I've made this recipe as a two layer cake before and it worked perfectly. So hats off to Martha.

The only glitch was that I didn't have any red food coloring. So we used the blue from the Martha Stewart Cake Decorating kit. They looked like a real denim-blue, hence the title of this post.

They were so, so good. I wish I had time to make a batch right now and eat them all myself, but I won't, for several reasons.
We all know Martha has some savvy lawyers, so I'm not going to put the recipe directly in this post. However, a simple Google search led me directly to the same recipe on her website. Click here!

Stay tuned for more cupcakes and other recipes.


  1. The batter makes me think of the blue soup Bridget Jones made.

    They do look delicious, though!

  2. i laughed out loud at work at the savvy lawyer comment. hahahaha.

  3. I mean, she's a crafty lady, right? I don't make money off the blog, but I'd rather not get on Martha's bad side.

  4. Any color of velvet cake kind of plays with my mind. I know it's chocolate cake, but I still can't figure out what the flavor is when I eat it - maybe because of the color, but maybe not?