12 Days of Gym Christmas Recap Part 2

On Tuesday I finished the minimum requirements for the 12 Days of Gym Christmas. You can read about Days 1-6 and the general premise here. I ended up writing down what I ate for days 6-12, including one day when I didn't exercise, but just felt like writing it down out of habit. Here's my log for the second half.

December 8: Walked 1.8 miles from school to home, plus 25 minutes of stretching afterward and 16 push ups.

Food: bowl of cheerios with (dairy) milk, 2 bananas, thintini with avocado. Apple. PB cliff bar. Bowl of Thai coconut soup with tofu, 1/2 avocado. 1 tortilla. 1 tbs (serving size) of milk chocolate chips. 1 bowl of cheerios with (dairy) milk. 1 banana with 2 tbs pb. Glass of milk. Tiny glass of Holly Nog.

Green machine smoothie, 1/2 gone.

December 9 (day 8 total): Ran 3 miles, speed work with negative splits, finished in 28:40.

Food: Green machine smoothie, handful of almonds, 1 blueberry bagel, 1 banana with 2 tbs pb, 1 apple, 1 avocado with a tortilla. Tea. 1 chocolate chip cliff bar. 1 handful pretzels. 1 bowl of Thai coconut soup with 4 cornbread biscuits. 1 bowl of cheerios with dairy milk. 1 cup of strawberries.

I have just enough space in The Christmas Room to unfold the yoga mat and do my at-home yoga/strength routine with the magic of Christmas all around.

December 10: Off day, just resting.

Food: bowl of Harvest Crunch cereal with dairy milk; cornbread biscuit. Blueberry bagel. Potluck: 3/4 egg salad sandwich; deviled egg; 3 chocolate covered cream puffs (amazing); 3 carrot sticks with 1 tsp or so artichoke dip; 1 tangerine; 1/4 oz chocolate; 1 apple; banana with 2 tbs pb; bowl of Carla and Dave’s Superbowl Chili; 1 cornbread biscuit; 1/3 cup or so of (dairy) milk.

I've included Dec. 10th because it was the night that IU beat formerly #1 ranked Kentucky in a pre-season basketball game. Y ou can watch the video here. Awesome!

December 11: (day 9 total) ran 3 miles in 31:17.

Food: blueberry bagel with 1 tsp butter; apple; green machine smoothie; piece of toast with most of an avocado (some parts were bad and had to be thrown out). 1 small gingerbread cookie at church coffee hour. Handful of pretzels. 1 D’Anjou pear; 1 hershey’s kiss. 6 or so stuffed mushrooms with fig goat cheese and feta. 1 Beer. Dinner at Church Key: a whole bunch of curry fries and a spinach salad with goat cheese and butternut squash. Pretzel bread. Glass of red wine.

December 12 (day 10 total): 45 minutes of yoga and strength training, including 17 push ups (woot!).

Food: blueberry bagel with butter, tea. Green machine smoothie, a few pieces of roasted yam, 2 oz of (real) egg nog. 1 D’anjou pear. 1/4 oz chocolate. 6” tortilla with 1 tbs pb. Awesome Mexican Salad, same from last week (so good!). Also, two brownies and a 1/4 rocky road bar from Meg at Sweet Beach. Bartlett Pear.

Awesome Mexican salad before the toss. I could easily eat this once a week all year.

December 13: (day 11 total): 3 mile run, plus stretching and foam rolling.

Food: green machine smoothie; roasted potatoes with rosemary and left over Mexican salad; 3/4 rocky road bar from Sweet Beach. Tangerine. 3 almonds. Several bites of John’s cranberry-lemon muffin at the Organic Works vegan/gluten free bakery. Small glass of (dairy) egg nog. Piece of whole wheat toast with 1 tbs pb and 2 tsp strawberry jam. Bowl of Superbowl Chili with 5 mini cornbread biscuits. Small glass of milk; another slice of pb/jelly toast.

And after the toss.

December 14: Day 12 total! 45 minutes of yoga/stretching with 19 push ups and physio exercises.

Food: green machine smoothie; handful of almonds; final bowl of Superbowl chili; decaf coffee and giant chocolate chip scone at Organic Works bakery/café; cup of fabulous caffeine free tea also at Organic Works; bowl of Jamaican cook up rice. Probably another evening snack.

I'm happy to say that 12 Days of Gym Christmas has enabled me to lose 3 pounds over the last 4 weeks (including the end of November, of course). It's been fun to have another kind of goal for fitness at this time of year, besides just "keep running without a race on the calendar." Here's a big fat THANK YOU to Djillian for starting it! I've also enjoyed reading everyone else's updates in the comments of her blog. 12 Days of Gym Christmas has helped me get moving after spending hours at the kitchen table, writing about George Crumb:

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