Organic Works

Last week John and I discovered a relatively new coffee shop/vegan-gluten free bakery in London and we decided to check it out.*
Organic Works is on Wellington and Horton, a good location for us. John and I are always looking for a new place to study outside the apartment and off campus. Changing locations like that can really clear my head. This cafe is a chain, but it looks like they only have stores in Ontario, and it still has a local feel. The store has a large display of cool Christmas ornaments and tons of other decor items, as well as a grocery section with meatless and/or gluten free foods. On top of all that, they bake muffins, cookies, loaves of bread, and scones fresh daily, along with sandwiches, soup, and a coffee bar.

We've already been several times.

John tried the "bread and spreads," where you get two little piles of warm pieces of bread and two of their spreads. I'm pretty sure he chose the avocado and chickpea spreads (not unlike hummus).

I've tried the chocolate chip scone and the pumpkin muffin, both pretty good. They also have some of the best decaf around, on par with decaf from the Black Walnut, one of our other favorite local coffee/bakery joints. John can also vouch for their veggie pizza, which he raved about.

It's a great place to study, especially because of the free wifi. They have a great amount of space with lots of big tables - perfect if you need to work with a giant musical score like I do. I took the picture of the breads and spreads above in one of the window seats that are more like booths. There is also a section with a couch and armchairs on the opposite side of the room, not pictured.

I think Organic Works and I will be seeing more of each other soon.

*Like always, this ain't no fancy, big time blog. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post, I just think it's a cool place. The end.

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