Holly Nog - Alternative Milk Review

A few weeks ago I read a post on Oh She Glows about a smoothie made from (soy) Holly Nog.

Then I saw the same Holly Nog at our grocery store and decided to try it.

The color is a little darker than regular egg nog.

And I think it's a winner! No, it does not taste exactly like egg nog, but it's pretty good. The flavor is remarkably similar, but the texture is much thinner than real egg nog - which makes sense, since this is only 60 calories per serving. John and I have a carton of real egg nog right next to this in the fridge, because sometimes you just want a couple ounces of the real thing. But I am pleasantly surprised to say that this is nice, too. I haven't tried making a smoothie with it yet, but I'm sure that's on the horizon. I'd give Holly Nog a solid A; it's better than an A-, but not blowing-my-mind-worthy of an A+.


  1. If you can get it, Silk Nog is pretty good.

  2. That's what I hear. I'll have to try it!