Holiday Decor

Here are some of the things John and I put up around the house for Christmas this year. Obviously I love Christmas, but I tried to keep it reigned in so that it doesn't look like Christmas threw up on our apartment.

On the kitchen table:
A square vase I got with a great coupon, filled with the sparlkley balls I've had for years. I think those balls came from a $8 package at Walgreens in Bloomington one year. I also took some red ribbon and tied a bow around our rosemary. It's already in a white pot that I found on our porch over the summer, so it's practically a Christmas decoration already. The thyme plant next to it doesn't look as Christmassy, but it's best not to go overboard when decorating your herb garden for the holidays.

In the "den," aka, "The Christmas Room where it's Christmas All the Time."


And after.

This year I have tons of wrapping paper supplies that my Aunt Becky gave to me during her moving sale, including a roll of brown paper. Our presents are taking on a "brown paper packages tied up with string" look.

John added his GQ so that Leo could look up at us from beneath the tree.

Last week, as John and I sat watching old episodes of Community, we started cutting snowflakes out of pages from my Office page-a-day calendar. Now they're proudly displayed on the window. I only made a few, but John kept cutting and produced a few...avant-garde snowflakes.

The cyclops and the 4-square ones are John's. The one on the bottom left with the (accidental) little TIE fighters is mine.

A couple days after we finished decorating, Winter showed up and decorated the back yard. It didn't stick around. Just a little snow every week is enough to make things feel Christmassy for now.


  1. We haven't done our Christmas decorating yet, but I love your tree!