Merry Christmas! I have lots more Christmas stuff to write about. In the mean time, my mom finally got to open this present we made for her, so I can post these pictures of its progress. I hope everyone reading this has an excellent holiday!

This year for Christmas we decided to DIY my mom's gift: a simple, IU-themed birdhouse. We bought all the supplies at Michael's, just an unfinished birdhouse, some simple red and white paint (acrylic, designated for the outdoors), a couple of sponge brushes, and one fine-tipped brush for the details.

Also pictured: a gin and tonic. Not required for painting, but it couldn't hurt!

We picked a house without too many sides or weird angles, and plenty of room for a big IU logo on the back.
John and I took turns painting it while watching TV. We would only work on it a few minutes each day, applying another coat every couple of days.

First, the white sides.

Then the roof.

And last, the trim. It's not pristine, and there are a few places where you can really see our amateurish painting. But it's charming that way, I think. And it'll look nice hanging outside.

The IU looks especially homemade, but it was fun, and it's for my mom, after all. I give this DIY project a solid A.

Merry Christmas, Mom!

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