Coming to America

Tomorrow is the first leg of our umpteen-leg Summer Road Tripstravaganza Oh-Ten.

Today we're running errands, cleaning out the car, doing the final bits of laundry, etc. Tomorrow we drive to Fort Wayne, where we'll hang out for a few days before going to Music Theory Midwest.

The trip should give me lots of things to blog about, and I will do my best to post some things about our travels. We should have internet access in most of the places where we're going. The posts may be sort of inconsistent, but at least they'll be novel.

Speaking of novels, I've been reading Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck's book about a cross country road trip that he and his dog (Charley) took. There are some extremely beautiful passages about the American landscape and a sort of nostalgic sense of who Americans are (or were, since it was published in 1962). Some parts of the book are also excruciatingly mundane. For instance, the part where he spends 3 pages talking about trailer parks, and how they're the wave of the future. If you've ever read anything by David Sedaris when he talks about his father, it's kind of like that. "They had a working fireplace, I tell ya', these mobile homes are gonna' be big!"

That's not a real quote, but you get the drift. Still, I love the premise of taking a long, cross-country road trip with a dog. For now, it will just be me and John driving through at least all of these states:


...plus I'm taking a side trip to Baltimore at the end of June, so I get to add Maryland to the list.

So long, Canada! It's going to Sound like America for about 6 weeks. See you soon!


  1. Hopefully you'll discover something worthwhile in Illinois, because I think it's one of the most boring, unattractive states we have...

    ...and that coming from a fellow Hoosier.

    Have a fun (safe) trip!

  2. Thanks!

    I have a lot of family in Illinois, so I guess I have other associations with it. And I'm not sure that it's any more boring than Indiana. I think they're about on par.