John and Abby's Road Tripstravaganza Oh-Ten, Official Intro

We are in America!

Here are some shots of us leaving Ontario. Note how similar the farmland in Ontario looks to that of northeast Indiana.

We left early in the morning about two weeks ago and have been livin' the easy life at my parents' house ever since. Last weekend we also ventured to Oxford, OH for Music Theory Midwest, and I'll show you the three pathetic pictures I took in another post.

So here we are! As John likes to say, we could smell the freedom as soon as we crossed the bridge, and as soon as our trunk was searched. This time they threw away some oranges that we were trying to bring as a road trip snack - which were undoubtedly from the USA in the first place. Oh well.

On Friday we depart for Nashville. More soon!

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  1. Did you shed a tear for every silo and every barn you passed?

    Good God, I know I did as I drove away from Bloomington yesterday.