Summer Road Tripstravanganza Oh-Ten, Part 2 - Oxford, OH

During our second weekend in America we decided to pay a visit to Music Theory Midwest. I attended the conference in 2008 because someone asked me to sing musical examples for their paper and payed my way. The conference was so much fun that it seemed like a good time to go back, to experience another stay in a delightful hotel in small-town Ohio, where there's really nothing to do.

Here are a couple of shots from two the '08 conference:

Tim Best was there, as you can see.

As was Mark. This was taken during our trek to the Beer Cave at a gas station down the road.

This year Mark presented a paper, so he acted more like a grown up for the first part of the trip.

His paper (or that of another IU theorist) should have won the Komar award, but it wasn't in the cards. Either way, Mark did a fantastic job and gave a very polished paper about the Beatles.

[What's that you say? You thought music theory was too boring to include cool music like the Beatles? There are time I'd agree with you. But Mark is fighting the good fight. I'd like to think I'm doing the same thing, at least some of the time.]

Here's Mark at Pizza Hut, where MTMW was kind enough to send all the graduate students for a free pizza dinner. I have my own thoughts on whether or not this was really an attempt to have a Grown Ups hour at the official reception, but I won't go into that here. Mark is lamenting the children's games on the place mat.

That's all for my pictures, but I do have another media of fun for you, if you're bored at work.

Here's a link to Mark completing what I'll call the "I bet you a dollar you can't jump from one bed to another 10 times in a minute" at our hotel this year.
Click here!

And a link to our friend Drew W. doing the same thing in 2008. Mark is the winner.

But were the two events really the same? Was Drew bet that he could actually jump twenty times in a minute? Either way, Mark accomplished it. Never mind that the beds in Oxford (2010) are way further apart than those in Bowling Green (2008).

Click here!

I love going to theory conferences. Believe it or not, I actually remember several of the papers from 2008. But the good times had at the Best Western are what I think of more often. Sometimes I really miss my theory masters class, and our honorary elder member, Tim Best. But I'm glad three of us can have a mini-reunion at theory conferences for the rest of our lives.


  1. I can just imagine us as elder theorists in our 60s at conferences jumping from bed to bed. We'll be the coolest theory professors on the block!

  2. You got asked to sing? That's super neat! I hope it was awesome.

    Lisa Zimmerman and I referred to Tim Best as Tom Excellent.

    Not wildly creative but it made us giggle.