Headed to the Nashville Skyline

I know you really want to come a long on my comparison of various rural parts of the states we've driven through.

The flat parts of Indiana may look familiar to you. I think it's kind of pretty, but that's probably because I grew up here. It's a nice place to be a runner.

Here's the bridge that takes you from Indiana to Louisville, KY.

Not a fun place to get stuck in traffic.

And while I agree with Sara that KY can be an aggravating place (what kind of people say there's a Chick Fil'a and then don't follow through with it off the interstate?), it's also beautiful.

It took us 7 hours to drive to Nashville from Fort Wayne. We would have been there by 2 or 3 had we not been stopped by a giant pothole on the road out of Fort Wayne. After the 5 hours it took to get the front passenger wheel replaced on our car, it only took 7 more hours!!!

But soon enough we were in Nashville, which I'll write about next.


  1. I'm hoping you guys didn't stop in Lexington.

  2. Nope! Straight down 65, not over to 64. Though on 64 you can see the Thorough-bread retirement farm and there are pretty horses grazing near by.