Sweet Nasvhille

So far in Nashville we've admired a lot of gorgeous food.

Some friends of Kira's were having a bake sale today to raise money for the flood relief.

I ate that strawberry cupcake. A+.

We were there to do our part.

Kira made these festive looking peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies (shown above).

And one very clever person, channeling Paula Dean, made bread pudding out of rum and Krispy Kreme donuts.

Then Kira took us to the Yazoo Brewery.

First we had a pint.

Then we took the tour and looked at the vats of brewing beer.

We were given a single hop to taste - my favorite part of the tour.

Tonight: honky tonks. Tomorrow: BBQ. We like Nashville.

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  1. I'm really proud of you guys for doing your civic duty.