All year John and I did homework on the kitchen table or in our his and hers arm chairs (we have no couch). When we cleaned out our guest room this spring we decided to look around used furniture shops for desks or tables that could pass for desks. Last week we hit the jack pot.

That's John's desk as he bought it at Goodwill. It's an old vanity table and it would take a pretty short chair to fit his legs under it. So, John took a hammer to the trim in the center. He noticed that the drawers had holes for handles that had been filled in and painted over. He poked the little cork pieces out and we went handle shopping. The result is this:

It looks much less like a vanity table and more like a...desk. He also hung some pictures that a friend gave us. Both are distorted photos of places in London: a population sign as you enter town, and a shot of Prince Albert's Diner, on Richmond (apparently a classic London place to go).

Next to John's desk at the Goodwill was this one, which John said was appropriately tall for me.

It's missing a screw or two, but John tightened the ones it has and it's a much sturdier desk now. As you can see, it fits perfectly into a corner in the guest room.

This is the view if you come in the room and look to your left. It's a little hard to get a picture of the room as a whole, but basically, it's coming along. We like to hang out in here a lot more now, and I'm no longer worried about getting food on my homework, or vice versa.


  1. Y'all are a crafty set, aren't you?

  2. You know, we're really not those people - the kind who are like, "I'll buy this old piece of whatever and fix it up!"
    But in this case, the price was right. John knows how to use tools (I mostly do not), and he kind of had a plan I guess.