Another Night at the Improv - Pizza

John and I love to make pizza at home. While I'm impressed and inspired by other bloggers' homemade crusts, I haven't ventured to make my own...yet. We often buy the canned crust and make pizza with whatever toppings we have in the fridge (or others that we keep in mind for a quick, fun meal).

Our favorite ingredient of the moment: goat cheese. It's good in so many things, especially pizza with other vegetables.

There's no standard recipe here, just a few thoughts. We used these ingredients: 2 tomatoes, about 2 cups of mushrooms, 1-2 cups of spinach (depending on how many we had left), and abotu 1/3 or 1/2 cup goat cheese. We drizzle olive oil on the crust and forgo a sauce. I've noticed our oven is a little on the speedy side, so I decided to increase the time and decrease the temperature when using this crust. This pizza is a great way for us to end the cooking for the week.

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  1. If you get rid of those mushrooms, then this would be the most beautiful thing I've seen all week.