Got Almond Breeze?

Milk is among my favorite foods (or 'drinkable' foods). Peanut butter...chocolate...bananas...and milk. It's a little more complicated to drink tons of milk in Canada because of the whole bag situation, but I still drink a lot of it.

I'm not turning my back on cow's milk, but I've decided to start sampling non-dairy milks. I'm not sure where this desire came from. I guess I love milk, so if I find more I like, then so much the better. I've also decided to write a little review of each of my finds. First up: Almond Breeze.

I've never had almond milk, I'll say that up front. I'm not sure (yet) how this almond milk compares to other brands or to the homemade version (which I hope to try very soon), but it was really good! It's creamy and has a hint of almond flavor.

Let's try out some criteria for how to rate the fake milk I'm going to include in this series.*

Texture: Milky. Thinner than cows milk, but creamy enough not to taste like water.
Color: a little darker than cows milk, but I attributed that to the almond aspect of it. Personally, I love almonds, so this wasn't a problem.
Cost: 2.99 CDN per carton (not sure exactly how many litres, and it's been tossed). A little pricey, if it were to be a permanent milk alternative. Since it's just a treat for me to try out, I justified spending the money.
Content: It had less than half the calories than the soy milk next to it on the shelf, which is a good benefit. It has about 2.5 grams of fat per serving, which isn't so bad, except that I'm accustomed to skim milk, and I'm not a fan of increasing my fat intake because of milk. Still, it's not the worst kind of fat, if it's coming from the almonds. And if the cost keeps it from being a regular part of my diet, then the fat content isn't quite such a big problem (it's a calorie treat, and a budget treat).

Here's a shot of the nutrition info (not the greatest picture, my apologies). I tried to find it on their website, but didn't have any luck, which I find irritating. Still, their website does have a lot of almond-themed-lactose-free recipes.

If you strain your eyes, you can see that they've added calcium, vitamin E, and iron (among other things) to make it more appealing, in terms of nutrition.

Out of 10, I'd give it a 8.5.

It's a little pricey and slightly fatty, but over all delicious. I'd buy it again, but not on a weekly basis.

*You'll notice I didn't mention how it does on cereal. I'd imagine that, like a lot of milk alternatives, it's fine on cereal (where most people don't pay a ton of attention to milk anyways). Since I mostly drink milk by the glass, I've mostly centered the criteria around the experience of drinking it straight up.


  1. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this yet.

    I'd definitely try it. I've had soy milk and as long as it's vanilla rather than plain, I like it.

    Is almond milk sweet?

  2. Yeah, I'd say it's mildly sweet. I tried the original, and I suspect that vanilla is sweeter. But yes, it's just sweet enough to taste good. I think I might like this one best out of the fake milks I've tried so far.


  4. I bought it at the Canadian Superstore, which I think is owned by Loblaws. I've seen it at the regular Loblaws stores, too.

  5. Shop around! Food For Life in Bloor West Village (Toronto) sells it for $1.99 which is the best price I've ever seen for it. Yummy!