Atlanta, June Oh-Ten

I mentioned in my last post that John and I are making preparations for our Summer Road Tripstravaganza Oh-Ten!, which will include a long list of stops, including but not limited to:

Fort Wayne, IN
(check out how homey it looks on that website)*

Oxford, OH

Nashville, TN

Cookeville, TN (love the train picture on that homepage).

Chattanooga, TN

Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta, GA (Yay, Gibsons!)

Many aspects of the plans are still in the works. So far we know that we'll be staying at The Artmore Hotel for the latter part of our week there. It's close to the Woodruff Arts Center, where John will be doing the bulk of his work, and it's near by a whole bunch of other fun downtown things to see and do. I'm going to entertain myself by walking around the area, shopping, going to an art museum, and finding good things to eat while John is interviewing people and conducting experiments.**

And so I will from time to time ask you this type of question: If you had 3 days to keep yourself busy in downtown Atlanta, what would you do? I mean, besides eat Chick Fil'a.

I'd love to hear some suggestions, though the internet tells me there will be plenty to do.

*We're headed to Fort Wayne on Saturday to visit my parents. I hope to tell you more about it than I did during Christmas.
**Actually, he has to swear that he will not be conducting experiments of any kind.


  1. Well, if you want diarrhea and nostalgia, you should go to The Varsity.

    Or the aquarium! Not for diarrhea, though.

  2. Sargibso took me to the Varsity last time we were there, and it was delicious, and you're right - my stomach wasn't happy about it.

    I've heard good things about the aquarium.

  3. I've heard good things about the Aquarium too. Not totally downtown but...the Jimmy Carter presidential library and museum is kind of fun, and allegedly they've renovated it since we were there. And the Martin Luther King Jr area is also neat.

  4. I love history-related things to do on vacation! Sounds awesome.