Molly and Toby

My parents' dogs, Molly and Toby, always provide a lot of entertainment when I'm in Fort Wayne.

That's Molly. Sort of a scaredy-cat, but really sweet.

And curious.

She's sizing up those blankets as she prepares to build herself a fort with them.

This is Toby. He's...big boned.

But still a gentleman. I'm excited to try taking them running with me when I'm in town over the summer.


  1. Aw, puppies. I miss fluffy things.

    Molly looks so sweet. I want to squeeze her head.

    Toby does indeed appear to be a little thick, but I think you're correct on the gentleman. I think he'd hold a door for me if he had thumbs.

  2. She's a darling, though emotionally scarred.

    He's a sweetheart, and yeah, he'd probably help you put your coat on, if you were taking him out.