The Friendly Fox

During this visit to Fort Wayne we went with my mom to The Friendly Fox, her new favorite lunch spot in the neighborhood where she volunteers.

This was our second visit, and I have to say that everything I've tasted there has been outstanding. They have at least 5 or 6 kinds of quiche available every day - Lord knows I'm partial to quiche (I've now sampled two, both awesome).

My mom had this chicken club pasta salad (which is what it sounds like). It was really good and the portion was generous enough that John and I helped her finish it.

This was the sausage, green onion, and red pepper quiche that I ordered. The thing on the bottom is the scone that comes with it. I also want to say that I have no idea how they make their scones so well. It was perfectly baked.

This is the raspberry brownie that my mom ordered. Sweet, light, raspberry cream between chocolate layers. A+.

What is going on in this picture? Ugh.

They didn't even look at us weird when this was going on.

This is the kind of place that makes me think twice before dissing the poor restaurant choices in Fort Wayne....or it could be the exception that proves the rule: Fort Wayne can't compete with Bloomington in terms of cool local restaurants. Still, The Friendly Fox is proving me wrong.


  1. Let me say that quiche, to me, appears to be food stuffed food.

    I love this concept and I love when there is food inside food.

  2. Exactly. And quiche is usually cheezy. Delicious.