Going Rogue

Before Christmas, my mom went where no Klickna/Shupe democrat had gone before.*

She stood in line for hours to buy a couple autographed copies of Sarah Palin's books, to give to John and to my Aunt Becky as gag gifts, for Christmas.

The look on Palin's face tells me that my mom wasn't honest with her specifically about why she was there, or what she thought of Palin. But "lite and polite" is probably best in those situations.
*I later learned my cousin Keith did the same thing, with the same motives.


  1. Wow. That is some serious commitment for a gag gift!

  2. She felt like it was worth it to watch John's face on Christmas morning, and for me to listen to her impersonate his reaction afterward.

    "No you DIDN'T!"

  3. As Dr. Horne would say, "OutSTANDing!"

    Your mom is a funny lady and that gift was inspired.