Blog Cameo

And now, we interrupt your regular food-and-Canada blogging with a special cameo message from my favorite-cousin-currently-living-in-Chicago, Halley.

Hi all! Celebrity blog cameo here. My name is Halley, and if you read Abby's blog, you know I am her cousin AND you know that my boyfriend, Josh, and I got engaged back in November! Yayyy!

So, after a couple of months of wedding planning, we discovered this contest sponsored by Crate and Barrel and Daily Candy. The winners receive the Ultimate Wedding (valued at $100,000!) and help from wedding planner to the stars, Jo Gartin.

So I'm no celebrity (well, to this blog I kind of am, right?). But the help of this wedding planner + the funds to throw an a-list event = AMAZING! So, if you want to be a real pal, head over to http://www.ultimateweddingcontest.com/entries/21027

And vote for us! Aren't we cute? Wouldn't you want to throw us a $100,000 wedding? Thank you! :)


  1. I'm doing it!

    I did it!

    I can only vote once? That's crap!

    Let me know if you figure out a way to vote more than once, because that shit's bananas.

  2. Thanks, Sara! That's awesome!

    And no, I don't think you can vote more than once. I tried. :)

  3. I voted! (Despite the fact that I'm getting married this year - they are just cuter!) ;)

    Good luck!!

  4. Thanks, Kate! If you enter anything similar, I'd be happy to send a vote your way.