Indiana Mexican Bakery

When I come to Fort Wayne, I like to go with my dad to Hyde Brothers Bookstore.

It's on Wells St., which is apparently trying to market itself as a kind of step-into-the-past kind of part of Fort Wayne.

Across the street from Hyde's is the Indiana Mexican Bakery, a place I've always meant to go in, to see tome local color, as my brother would say.

They had TONS of stuff, and I would have taken a lot of pictures, had the owner not been watching me (the only customer) from behind the counter.

I chose two empanadas (I think?) from among their pastries, donuts, churros, etc., and I tried to find odd flavors. One was sweet potato, above.

The other was guava. They were both really great, with delicious dough. I wish I had eaten them the day I bought them, instead of the day after, but they were well worth the .75 a piece.


  1. We had several Mexican bakeries in Lafayette and I don't know that I ever visited any of them. I think I regret that decision as I ogle your empanadas.

  2. I think I may go back there next time we're in town to try more baked goods. They were super cheap and tasty.