Black Bean Quesadillas

John and I have been on a Mexican flavor theme (fiesta?) that started with the Spicy Crockpot Beans last week and didn't end until breakfast burritos last night. As a way to use up some of the spare Mexican ingredients and make a quick dinner, we threw together these black been quesadillas with basically no plan whatsoever.

It started with a can of black beans, a clove of garlic, and a diced jalapeno in a pot.

We added a red bell pepper and a handful (maybe a cup? maybe more) of sliced mushrooms.

We shredded and melted marble cheddar, and it made this:

Two days later, the avacados were finally ripe and we have the left overs! This time I had the good sense to fold over the tortilla and only use one at a time.

I hear by announce a break at the Basement Apartment from Mexican flavors...for at least 2 days.*

*We just got a Costco membership, and they have avocados for cheap. Mexican flavor fiesta will probably resume shortly.


  1. That might be simple enough for me to attempt. Well, maybe.

  2. Oh yeah, you could make these, no problem. The thing about "whatever you want" quesadillas is that you can make them with...well, whatever you want. No chopping required.