It turns out that Fridays in graduate school are just like any other day of the week. I go to school, do homework and teach all day, and before I know it, it's 5 o' clock. Last week John and Matthew and I went straight from our offices to a Thai restaurant near our house. It's the third one we've been to in London, and it's now ranked at the bottom of the three.

(The side of Matthew's head).

Then we took a walk down Richmond where there are lots of bars and restaurants.

This is the point where Matthew starts to ask why I was taking pictures of him and everything else. I've learned that to have blog pictures that I like, I need to take pictures kind of all the time.

We crossed the street to go to Coffee Pub, where they have wonderful dark hot cocoa.

And pumpkin spice lattes.

John spoke passionately about...something.

Then he and I headed back to campus to see Moon at the student union.

It was a really good movie, but definitely strange. The music was especially good, and for 4.50 it was well worth it. Did any of you see this movie? What did you think?
You may not be able to tell from the poster, but the age advisory on the movie is 14. That means that children under 14 should be accompanied by an adult, or so this website says. Apparently each Canadian province has its own movie rating system, so the link above is just for Ontario.

This week the movie at the union is Inglorious Bastards. After reading the review on Dave's blog, I think it's going to be a good one.

Next week is the Society for Music Theory conference in Montreal. So watch out, Quebec! A large group of North American nerds are about to descend! More on that to come, of course.

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  1. The picture thing is hard, isn't it? I mean, YOU need the pictures so you have to remember your camera and then remember to use it and then make sure your friends/day/life is interesting enough to warrant several pictures.

    And of course, you need willing subjects. People get difficult about this for some reason.

    Bunch of camera hating punks.