Homecoming, 2K9

When I take the bus I typically over hear conversations in which undergrads discuss the plot of Gossip Girl, whose house they're going to watch it at, what bar they went to over the weekend, etc. It's like watching "The Hills," but just in a 5-10 minute dose while I go to school.

Last weekend was homecoming and it made for good overheard "Hills" moments, both on the bus, and in the locker room at the gym. And now I'm going to share one with you.

"Ohhh my god, last weekend I was at this party at (insert Western student's name)'s and this girl almost died doing a keg stand!!! She fell really hard and hit her knee on the keg, hit her head, and got a concussion, and she would have, like, scraped up her face but her face landed in some other girl's Ugg boot."

And the ultra crazy:
"So then she, like, went to the ER for no reason and spent $50 just to have them say she had a concussion and send her home."

'Cause, you know...a concussion's no big deal. Just take a Vicodin and sleep it off, right?

It's good to know that, finally, an Ugg boot has saved someone from scraping up their face.

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  1. It's nice to know there are vapid Canadians, too. I don't know why, but I suddenly feel ragingly superior.