Thanksgiving Round up

Thanksgiving was last weekend, and now that I've told you all about the food we ate, I'll just write a little about what we actually did, besides eat it: not a lot.

We took my parents to school to show them our offices.

We watched some movies.

John and I took a walk in Gibbons Park and saw lots of pretty leaves.

John impersonated the Black Angels cover.

It's so hard to get him to pose for a picture with me.

I love this tree.

And we ate.

A lot.

So much that, if you like to kill time by reading this blog, you've already seen 3 of the other things we made that weekend. But cooking and eating is how I like to spend my days off from school.

It didn't quite feel like Thanksgiving, but it was an excuse to eat lots of pumpkin-themed foods, and pretend that sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter, and marshmallows on top are a "vegetable."

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