Marching Westangs?

Last weekend John and I heard a drumline as we walked to our car from the music school.

They were small and....less than mighty.

John pointed out that they looked too young to be in college. It was probably just a high school marching band, practicing on our field.

Western has a football team and this school seems to care about athletics, kind of the way a big state school in the U.S. would. The rules for football are somewhat different, in that they play on a 110-yard field, with the 55 yard line in the center. Also they have 1 fewer down that in the U.S. The guys at Canadian Tire told us that the game moves much faster as a result.

We may not making to a football game this year, but we've got to make it to a hockey game, even if our music school Canadian friends make fun of us.

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