We Miss Cable

Our cable still hasn't been hooked up yet. It's a contentious point between us and our landlord. Meanwhile, we often watch the one channel that we "get," even though it's kind of fuzzy. They play an odd assortment of American shows, like Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, Law and Order, America's Next Top Model, and Ellen (note: no Office*, 30 Rock, or Daily Show). They also show a number of Canadian programs, some of which are terrible, and some are so bad they're funny.

John's favorite is called "Sue Thomas, FBEye."
It's kind of like Law and Order or CSI, but the main character is this woman detective who's deaf. She and her canine companion solve crimes, etc. John says her deafness is just a metaphor for how she can't do anything right, because she's a woman. Sue frequently knows exactly how to solve the mystery, but everyone doubts her because she's deaf. I'd highly suggest watching a few minutes of it on Youtube, if you need something to occupy yourself at work. I mostly think the name is funny. She's not blind, so I'm not sure where the "Eye" comes from. For the first two months we couldn't figure out what the name of the show was because we always turned it on after the opening credits. So for those two months, John named it "Deaf Cop with Dog."

As much as we love to make fun of Sue Thomas FBEye, it's no where near as bad as "The Littlest Hobo." This show featured a german shephard that has, basically, psychic abilities and leads people to crime scenes, bleeding victims, a guy who fell of a horse, etc. It's a bit older, as the feathered hair-dos attest, and it seems like they made it before people had figured out how to amplify animal cuteness in the entertainment industry. The german shephard on the show has basically no personality, never wags its tail, never looks straight at the camera. The wiki entry, linked in the name above, mentions that it was filmed before there were rules about what animals could and couldn't do on TV sets. So in the credits, when the dog is actually riding on a parachute, that was real. We pretty much cringe whenever this is on TV.

This weekend I had a genius idea. I think they should combine the two shows, and give Sue Thomas's dog psychic crime solving abilities. He could lead her to the victim, point out a hard to find clue, and then wrap his leash around a new love interest, like in 101 Dalmations.

More than anything, I wish we could just have cable.

*Now you know I'm way behind on the Office. No spoilers, please.

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