I'll have what she's wearing.

John and I took a relationship step last weekend.

Now I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. We have to wait for two more years to get a dog.

We joined Costco.

They have five hundred of everything we could ever need,

and plenty of everything we don't need.

There are no seasons at Costco.

And they have some of the worst looking cakes ever.

(Not a wreck, but it made me laugh because of all the baby carrot jockeys on Cake Wrecks).

This, however, happens on Cake Wrecks all the time (sperm balloons).

What an appetizing, dead, brown/gray fish.

My office mate Matthew saw this and said,

"Canadian Beef - AAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!"

Now I'll know where to go if I ever need to soak my whole head in feta.

Did I say there were two seasons? I meant that all the seasons are combined. Christmas and Easter! That means some people would only go to church once a year.

Costco sized Christmas...stuff.

I think this guy would scare our landlord's dog.

I'd like to say this is Costco sized maple syrup, but they sell it in big containers at pretty much every store I've been to. It's Canadian sized maple syrup.


  1. Lord help me. If we had a Costco here, I would camp out and never leave. Who doesn't need 14 lbs. of marmalade?

  2. Seriously. What I wouldn't do with that feta.