Show me your boots

Winter is almost here. We have about a month until it starts snowing (I say...some of the Canadians we know don't think it really starts snowing until later).

In preparation for his first northern winter, John went on the hunt for proper snow boots.

Lots of boots were tried and tested....in the mall.

John kept telling the sales people at North by Northwest that this was his first pair of boots - ever. Some were impressed. One guy had no reaction at all.

It has this crazy poster of a naked woman riding a (naked) minotaur.

While John tried on boots, I tried on hats.

The white didn't suit me.

I went with the gray. My first tuke!

(At least, I think this is a tuke...)

Eventually, John chose these guys - North Face, water proof, weigh like 12 pounds each. Perfect for his first sledding expedition.

[Secret side note - this is where I bought Kira's birthday present.}

I know I'll change my mind in 3 months, but I can't wait for it to snow.

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