Gym Christmas Day 1

Day 1. 
Work out: 30 minutes of Iron Strength, adjusted to make me less motion sick (no mountain climbers, no sit ups, etc). Includes things like squats, push ups, lunges (I did the physio variety I learned last summer), 5 lb. weights, and stretching.

GYMGO Card: crossed off a "Grab Bag" square in the top left corner. I've studied the card and decided that my strategy will be to get the diagonals first.

Photo and food I've eaten today: cranberry + cottage cheese + sweet potato muffins, from the Lean Green Bean, via Djillian. Shown here with some Christmas items.

Oh man, these are good, and super easy. You want to make these muffins.

Side note: you may have seen on facebook that Sargibso's smart and very funny boyfriend, Aaron, was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. He's started a blog where he can write and make jokes about it. It's definitely worth your time.

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