Gym Christmas Day 3

Gym Christmas Day 3!

Work out: 4 mile run in 39:37, with very minimal foot pain (woohoo!). 5-10 minutes more of my usual stretching and foam rolling. I tacked on another .25 miles at the end to blow off some steam after a woman nearly hit me with her car and then yelled some profanity at me. Love that holiday cheer. 

While we're on the topic, I've been nearly hit at this intersection before. But the worst time I've been yelled at in the cross walk was in Bloomington, crossing Indiana Ave. in front of the Sample Gates. I had my left leg in a walking splint from an ankle sprain, so I was moving slowly. Too slowly for the car at the stop sign, who yelled out his window, "GAWD, can you walk any slower?!" Now I wish I had lobbed my heavy splint onto the hood of his car. But I hobbled on instead. 

Anyways. Happier things. 

GYMGO Card: I crossed off another Grab Bag square, lower left corner, and the free space. I either need to "socialcize" or get in the pool to make more progress on the card. Tuesday is swimming day!

Photo and food I've eaten: this spinach salad with cranberry goat cheese, raisins, sunflower seeds, and a simple dressing (oil + balsamic).  

On to an afternoon free from road rage!

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