Gym Christmas Day 10

Gym Christmas Day 10!

Work out: 4 mile run at Springbank Park. I left my watch at home and vowed to stretch during the run if my foot hurt. This was the first really wintery run of the season, and I was glad to have my phone on me in case I slipped. And since I had my phone, I've included some photos of Springbank, my favorite running route.

GYMGO: I crossed off another Grab Bag day. If I work out with someone else, then I'll have another GYMGO soon. I know you're relieved.

Thing I've eaten today: I just had my post-run snack, a serving of cottage cheese. I try to make sure I only eat it after a run or work out. Otherwise I'd eat it constantly.

Before I get to the Springbank photos, here's what I did this morning: made some graphs of Rameau's fundamental bass. My paper is due on Friday, and since I don't have access to Finale, I had to make some figures by hand. I don't own a protractor (surprise), so I used this old can of tuna snack mix to draw some circles. Do you like to draw tedious but relatively simple graphs? Then a career in music theory might just be for you!

Back to running...This is at the start of the route. 

I've mapped out many a distance from this yield sign. It's a great place to start out-and-back runs.

This is almost 2 miles from the yield sign. The route includes asphalt and some dirt trail. It's my favorite place in London.

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