Gym Christmas Day 8

Gym Christmas Day 8!

Work out: 3.5 mile run. 
I can't believe how sore I am from doing Iron Strength yesterday, so this short run was pretty hard. Fortunately, I can tell that the sore muscles are the same ones I use to run with good form, so that soreness will pay off. Meanwhile, it hurts to stand up or sit down. 

GYMGO: This one counts as another GRAB BAG. No GYMGO yet. 

Thing I've eaten today: today's lunch was leftovers from last night's very impromptu dinner of lentils, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts, along with an apple from the farmer's market. John bought 10 lbs. of apples yesterday. I bet you can't guess which pie he wants to make next. 

Photo: random photo of the IU ornament on our Christmas tree (you can see a holiday cupcake ornament just behind it on the left). The Hoosiers are having a good basketball season so far! 

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