Gym Christmas Day 5

Gym Christmas Day 5!

Work Out: a simple 30-35 minute walk from our house to Cherryhill Mall, where we visited the creepy but charming Christmas decorations, the LCBO and the public library. It's nice to be able to do our errands on foot, especially during rush hour. 

GYMGO: I was able to cross off one of the "WALK IT OUT" boxes, and if I go for one more walk, I will have a GYMGO! IT WILL BE MINE!

Photo: One of our purchases at the LCBO, the Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout, Winter Beard from the Muskoka Brewery. We decided to toast tonight since John heard this afternoon that he is officially ABD - as in, all-but-dissertation, as in, will soon graduate and, as in, will soon get a job and buy me things. Or so the saying goes. Anyway, back to the beer - I'll let you know how it is. 

Dinner tonight: Black eyed peas and greens, with ginger apple mashed sweet potatoes from Appetite for Reduction, a relatively new PPK book we're both in love with. I may ask Santa to get it for me from myself.  

This walk was a nice way to stretch my legs on a rest day. Tomorrow it's back to the track for some speed work!

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