Gym Christmas Day 11

Gym Christmas Day 11!

Work out: Speed work at the oval near our house, pictured below. I did the same work out of 6 x 400M at 2:10. I've been able to hit that time more consistently, so I think I'm going to try to start doing 8 X 400, and then eventually move to 800s, etc. 

GYMGO: I checked off a socialcize box because John and I do track work outs together. One more socialcize to go. 

Thing I've eaten today: my standard winter breakfast of rolled oats with almond milk, about 4 chocolate chips, a spoonful of almond butter, and a sliced banana.  

Lots of photos!

Last night we went to see the Orchestra London's performance of A Christmas Carol. They had a bunch of lawyers from London read all the staves of the story, and the orchestra and a choir played Christmas tunes in between. It was a fundraiser for the Unity Project, a group that provides different types of shelter and services for the homeless, and they just asked for a free will offering. 

The concert took place at Centennial Hall, right next to Victoria Park. I took some photos as we crossed  the park on our way out.

Here's the oval where we do our track repeats. It's in a park just around the corner from our house, and it has a soccer field in the center.

The track is also next to some skating ramps, usually empty this time of year.

One more day of Gym-going and I'll have earned my button! 

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