Gym Christmas Day 7

Gym Christmas Day 8!

Work out: Iron Strength. Man, that routine is hard. 
I was supposed to run today, but I delayed until Sunday morning because it's raining and I'm trying to get over a mild cold. Yesterday was also a rest day to prevent the cold from getting worse. It seems to have worked! Back to running tomorrow.

GYMGO: I'm counting this as a WEIGHT A MINUTE day, since all of the exercises after the warm up involve either body weight or free weights. Now all I need to do is go for a walk or try something new to get a GYMGO. Woohoo!

Thing I ate today: wonderful wonton soup (shown below) at Zen Gardens, an Asian-themed, vegetarian restaurant in town. I can't believe I waited so long to try it! When I looked at the menu, I felt overwhelmed with choice - I wanted one of everything. It's not pricey, so I hope we go back soon. This soup had a tasty broth, mushrooms, big fat wontons, shredded carrots, and baby bok choy. A++. John, DJillian, and I also split a sushi platter, veggie tempura, and pan fried dumplings, all delicious.

Multiple pictures today, because I want to show you both the soup I at at Zen Gardens, and the pie John made yesterday.

I think I mentioned before that this is Pie Christmas, i. e., John has decided he wants to learn how to make pie crusts. Yesterday we went to a potluck, so John made the Pear and Cranberry Galette from Vegan Pie in the Sky. It turned out really well, despite John's anxiety over the crust. He's signaling here that the recipe makes two small galettes, and that the galettes were the second pie recipe he's tried from this book. They were a big hit at the potluck. Everyone passed over my whipped eggnog cake (also delicious) to eat his pies, which were pretty visually impressive. Pie Christmas is going to be awesome.

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