Gym Christmas Day 4

Gym Christmas Day 4!

Work Out: Swimming. 
All in meters:
  • 400 free warm up. 
  • 2X: 200 pull + 200 swim + 200 kick, mostly freestyle, mixed with a little breast stroke and back stroke pull, for funsies. Tried to do breast stroke for some of the 200 swim, but my knees didn't like it. 
  • 400 free cool down. 
Total: 2000, a little under an hour.

High school Abby would laugh at this work out because it's so much easier than what I used to do. But high school Abby had energy to burn and no dissertation to write. I've been swimming once a week, no more than 2k each time, and it's been pretty awesome, but it makes me pretty tired. I can't believe I used to swim for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week! I'm trying to incorporate it into my routine more regularly, since it's such a good way to cross-train. 
Everything about swimming is nostalgic. That weird chloriney taste on the lip of my water bottle really takes me back. The good thing about swimming now is that only a handful of gym-goers are into it, so I often have a lane to myself. High school Abby would be jealous of my private lane.

GYMGO: Crossed off the "GET WET" box, top left. I still need to go on a walk twice to get a GYMGO. 

Photo: the pool at UWO. Short course on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thing I ate today: a plate of vegetables, cheese, and crackers, plus 4 potato and pea samosas and some app-sized pizza pieces at the department Christmas party this afternoon. Surprisingly, the Grad Club makes a pretty decent samosa.

Tomorrow I plan on taking the rest day that I was supposed to take over the weekend. It'll be the first in about 9 days, so I'm ready for a break. 

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