Carla and Dave, part 1

Carla and Dave came to visit us for the second part of Christmas break.

Carla is ABD in music ed at IU, and Dave is ABD in composition.

I have lots to tell you about their trip to London. It was mundane, but also exciting. We went touristing, but we also sat at home and did nothing. We made awesome food, and we also ended up at Swiss Chalet. It was kind of a strange, but great week. I'll probably separate these posts because I want to include as many pictures as possible.

We started by going to Covent Garden Market, the indoor, year round farmer's market that has ice skating in front of it.

Then we went to lunch at Barakat, this amazing Mediterranean place on Richmond.

It didn't snow much at all in London before Christmas - no more than an inch or so. But as Dave and Carla pulled into town the skies really opened up. It snowed at least somewhat every day they were here, and it continues to snow.

As I said, a few things didn't go as planned. We wanted to cook at home on New Year's Eve, but we needed groceries and every grocery store - even Wal-Mart - was closed by 5pm. So instead we went to the Alibi, a bar/restaurant that other music research grad students frequent.

They were playing a junior hockey league tournament game, between the U.S. and Canada. All in all, a very Canadian New Years. I'll write more installments about their trip, hockey, and mounds of cupcakes soon.

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