London Yarns

Carla is really into knitting, so we checked out the local yarn store.

It was really quaint, with arm chairs and a little fire place to knit by.

I'm not sure, but I guess you can stuff things with raw fleece?

They had lots of really pretty yarns.

While I'm pretty sure it's not their policy, they let Carla use the spinning machine to ball her yarn.

They ladies working there were really nice and helpful. Carla said if she lived her she'd probably hang out there and knit all the time.


  1. Abby - the raw yarn could be used to spin new yarn. There are spinning classes to take that use wheels or other spindles.

    These are some nice action shots. That was the first time I ever wound the yarn myself!

  2. Whoa - spinning it into yarn. Intense.

    I'm glad I got to witness your first yarn spinnin'!

  3. Good, you found the good shop. They are much nicer and have a better selection than the shop at Richmond and Oxford.

    Is it nerdy that I recognize their wall of sock yarns?

  4. I wish I had thought to ask you about it while Carla was here. Right when we walked up to the place I thought, "Oh. I bet Jess already knows about this."

    I turned the picture of their yarn wall into a nice desktop background for my computer.