Thai Curry Soup with Tofu

I love getting experience cooking with Asian ingredients. In our quest to find more vegetarian meals, John and I have been eating a lot more Thai-style soup in general, and it really brightens up my week.

This originally called for chicken but we made it with tofu. That's partially out of a desire to eat less meat, and also because chicken is way more expensive in Canada. If chicken breasts cost $10 or $11 and tofu costs $2 or less, it usually works its way into our cart.
This soup is incredibly good. We probably would have tried to eat it all the night we made it, but it makes enough for a couple days of delicious left overs. And like a lot of curry-themed foods, this only gets better with more time in the fridge.
The recipe I used called for rice sticks, but we upped that to vermicelli noodles and they went really well with it. I would definitely make this soup again, hopefully very soon.

I'll give you a link to the recipe on another blog.

Click here!

If you have trouble using it, please email me at soundslikecanada at gmail dot com - I'll make sure the recipe finds its way to you.


  1. Can I just come to Canada and eat your food? I mean, I'd totally clean your place in exchange.

  2. Ha! If you were visiting, I'd plan all kinds of special things to make. I really get excited to cook for visitors.