Brown Sugar Cupcakes

Here's another great cupcake from the Martha Stewart book I got for Christmas.

Have I mentioned how much I love that book? Thanks, Mom!

As you can see, these baked up as some of the most picturesque cupcakes I've ever made (with Carla's help, of course). These are basically little pound cakes, so their texture is pretty dense. Nevertheless, Dave still managed to shove an entire one in his mouth while they were still in town.

We made the brown butter icing that Martha recommended.

Again, I'm going to avoid posting the recipe for these, but its easily accessible from her website. Click here for the recipe for the cupcakes and frosting!

We took these to Carla's friend Kevin and his fiance, who had us over for dinner before the hockey game. I was glad to get rid of some of them, since I knew we had more cupcakes in our plans.

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