London Knights vs. Guelph Storm

I'll bring you plentiful cupcake recipes soon, but first, hockey. Altogether, Dave and Carla had one of the most stereotypical Canadian adventures possible: it snowed a ton, we went to Swiss Chalet, and we learned about hockey.

We drove to Guelph for the game, about an hour and half away. Carla's friend Kevin's fiance lives there, and she had us over for delicious chili before the game.

I know this sounds obvious, or silly, but I'm really struck by the hockey culture in Canada - particularly the Junior Hockey League culture.

These guys are really young. Some aren't even finished with high school. Playing for this hockey team is just what they do before going to college where they play more. This arena (while probably used for other things) is primarily used for their games. Every seat might not have been filled, but there were a ton of people there.

It turns out the Knights are really good! The Guelph Storm are less good. But it wasn't a slaughter: 4-2, Knights.

There was one awesome fight during the second period, but mostly, things went really fast. They only stopped for a minute or two between plays (or whatever they're called in hockey).

They also had cheezy games in between periods. These people are racing to making a human sized hamburger.

Here's their colorful Zamboni.

I liked watching the goalies stretch.

Here's some pictures of us at the game.

Here's Dave, probably trying to answer one of my many questions about hockey. It turns out I remembered more than I thought from my brother's NHL video game for Sega.

We had such a good time at the game. Now I really want to go to a Western game, since some of the former Knights are on the team.

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