Mustangs Hockey

A couple of weeks ago there was an announcement that if you wore purple clothes/Western gear to the hockey game, you got in for free.

John and I figured it was a good chance for us to see what the hockey games were like without having to pay. We got there a little late and sat on the "away" side (though it was sort of also the Western spill over side) of the arena. On the walk over there we got to stand right up next to the glass, so I snapped a couple of pictures.

This is a picture of the pep band. At the hockey game.

Our purple scarves that my mom knitted don't look so purple here, but they were our ticket in.

The little girl in the striped shirt just punched our mascot (Westy? Musty?) in the nose.

Then another little boy attacked him. It's a thankless job, being a mascot. Of course, by the time he came over to us, my camera batteries had died.

The game was kind of a slaughter. Western scored three goals in about 5 minutes during the second period. The score was 8-2, Western, when we left during the third period.

We decided to spend part of the third period in the beer garden (!), where you can sit right next to the goalie.

We got to see Western's awesome goalie perform some generally badass saves.

Since we each bought a Sleeman beer, we got to be in a drawing to win a Sleeman chalk board/bar sign (alas, didn't happen). I got one of the second place prizes - a t-shirt and a hat!

[That would be the swell Sleeman hat.]

A pretty good deal - hockey game, a beer, a t-shirt, and a hat for $5!


  1. There's a beer garden at hockey games? Okay, Canada just gained a point.

  2. There sure it! Come see us and we'll got to the beer garden.