New Year's Day

Dave, Carla, John, and I had a really random day on New Years in terms of food.

We started off with Mark Bittman's French toast recipe and Bloody Mary's (from the Joy of Cooking).

They tasted good, but more than that, look how festive!

For lunch we went to Swiss Chalet, which started out as a joke, and ended all too real. Sorry Canadians, but something about that place doesn't agree with me. That something is probably the weird "sauce."

By then it was snowing really hard, and we wanted to stay in for the rest of the day.

Then Carla and I set out to make homemade pasta.

We let it rest.

Then Carla rolled it into this arrowhead type shape.

She rolled it back up like a scroll,

then we cut it into noodles.

Then we unrolled them.

In the mean time, we also made a vodka sauce from 365 Ways to Cook Pasta.

We had planned some kind of green vegetable and a side salad, but since all the grocery stores were still closed, we made do with just the pasta and a good cheese/Italian herb bread, made in the bread machine.

Since the kitchen sink was baked up, we rinsed the pasta and did all the dishes in the bathroom.

I told Dave this is what all Canadians do, and that it's totally normal. We felt a bit like pioneers, washing our dishes in a creek or something.

It was a strange New Years Day, but it tasted good nonetheless.

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