Bulk Barn

Before I start in on the posts about all the fabulous things Carla and I accomplished in the kitchen, let me introduce you to Bulk Barn.

It's sort of like the bulk section from a regular grocery store, but turned up to 11. They have something like 10 or 15 kinds of flour, and every kind of everything you need to bake.

Quinoa and couscous by bulk. They're going to help me become about 60% vegetarian, which is part of my New Year's resolution.

All six of these are different types of coconut. What does a person do with so many types of coconut?

I love the sugar roses, and I can picture exactly what a person would do with so many pastry tips.

Peanut butter and hazelnut spreads, and a big bucket of white buttercream.

They sell chocolate Canadian coins - loonies and toonies.

Canadians call Smarties "Rockets," and they call another M&M-type candy "Smarties." It's confusing.

I want to buy garam masala there and make Indian food.

Sometime I'll buy the maple leaf-shaped sprinkles and make maple cupcakes with them, maybe on Canada Day. Bulk Barn is probably my favorite thing about Canada at the moment.


  1. Places like this are so neat, but they overwhelm me to ridiculous degrees. The last time I was in a place like that, I was in China with my friend Sonya and 5 people were trying to sell me a mop. I started crying. Go fig.

  2. hahaha, wow, a mop! Bulk Barn's employees are only so helpful, in that they know where things are, but they won't approach you (which is how I like it, incidentally). it helps go to in there with a sense of direction, like, "I need flax seed." Then I notice fun things on the way to the flax, but I don't wander aimlessly.