Hockey Hall of Fame

One last non-food related post about Dave and Carla's post before I get to the cupcakes.

Dave mentioned that he wanted to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

It's a place I wouldn't have gone on my own, but I'm so glad I went.

It was really fun to go with Dave and Carla, who are bigger sports fans than me and John.

And they give you a little chocolate coin when you go inside!

They have everything hockey related that you can imagine.

Hockey is larger than life.

So much so that it needs its own cathedral.

Here's Dave admiring a case of memorabilia from Wayne Gretzky.

I love the old Maple Leaf sweaters.

They had a replica of the Candians locker room, through the years.

They had old and less old goalie pads you could try on.

Then we went to see the room with the Stanley Cup.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is in a building that used to be a bank, and they keep the cup in a beautiful rotunda room with stained glass.

They have a guy who sits with the Stanely Cup all day long. He just keeps an eye on people in line to take pictures.

The Hall of Fame is kind of a huge place with lots to see and do. It's really interactive.

We happened to be there the day they announced who would be on the Canadian Olympic hockey team. This is a picture of lots of Canadians listening to it and then remarking to the people sitting next to them about each choice.

This is the hockey zone (I think), with lots of games - Wii, a Foosball table, and a virtual be-the-goalie game.

Near the end of our trip, Dave and Kevin played an epic game of the U.S. vs. Canadia Foosball.

If you happen to be around Toronto and you need some entertainment, I'd recommend the Hockey Hall of Fame. It's ok if you don't know a lot about hockey - you can learn a lot from going, and it's compelling either way.

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